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arabic translation service

Are you seeking top-notch arabic translation service in Dubai and Abu Dhabi? Look no further. Whether it’s legal document translation, attestation, or multilingual website localization, our expertise is unrivaled. We provide certified arabic interpreters and document translation services designed specifically for corporate managers in various sectors: law firms, manufacturing, hospitals, clinics, marketing, and advertising agencies.

Law firms, manufacturing entities, healthcare institutions, marketing agencies, and countless individuals trust our translation agency services to offer them the linguistic edge they need in the global market. LangPros, a leading language services provider, is headquartered in Dubai. While we primarily serve Dubai and Abu Dhabi, our reach extends to the broader United Arab Emirates and even internationally. Our esteemed clientele encompasses some of the Gulf’s most renowned companies and organizations and extends to global entities.

Key Takeaways

  • Unrivaled expertise in arabic translation service and interpretation services for corporate clients in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
  • Certified translators and interpreters serving law firms, manufacturing, healthcare, marketing, and more.
  • Trusted by renowned regional and global companies for multilingual support and cross-cultural understanding.
  • Headquartered in Dubai with a presence across the UAE and internationally.
  • Comprehensive language services including document translation, website localization, and interpretation.

But what sets us apart from other translation agency options in the region? Our unwavering commitment to accuracy, professionalism, and cultural sensitivity in all our global communications. Experience the difference with Aburuf Legal Translation Services today.

The Significance of Arabic Translation in Dubai

Arabic is the official language of the United Arab Emirates, and Dubai is a city where it is widely spoken. In Dubai, Arabic translation is crucial for various reasons. Firstly, for businesses operating in Dubai, Arabic translation services are essential as the city serves as a hub for international trade and commerce, and Arabic is the language of business in the region. This helps them communicate effectively with clients, customers, and partners who may not speak arabic language. Secondly, Dubai, a popular tourist destination, attracts millions of visitors yearly, many of whom come from non-uae arabic-speaking countries. For them, translation services dubai are necessary to communicate with locals and read signs, menus, and other important information.

Thirdly, Arabic dialects are used in legal documents and contracts in Dubai. Therefore, accurate Arabic translation is crucial in legal proceedings to ensure that all parties understand the terms and conditions of agreements. Finally, Arabic is an integral part of the cultural identity of the UAE, and many people in Dubai take pride in their language and heritage. Therefore, accurate translation of Arabic texts and documents is essential for preserving the region’s rich cultural heritage.

Our Comprehensive Suite of Translation Services

At Aburuf Legal Translation Services, we take immense pride in offering a comprehensive suite of translation solutions to cater to the diverse needs of our esteemed clients. Our translation services encompass three key areas: legal document translation and attestation, multilingual website localization, and certified translation for corporate clients.

Legal Document Translation and Attestation

We have a deep understanding of the legal domain and provide high-quality legal translation UAE services that comprehensively address all your requirements. Our team of proficient UAE Arabic translators, each possessing expertise in specific industrial sectors, ensures the utmost precision in technical translation projects.

Multilingual Website Localization

At Aburuf, we convert your website’s content into Arabic, carefully considering cultural nuances and the specific preferences of the Arabic-speaking audience. By leveraging our expertise in website translation, we ensure your brand’s message resonates seamlessly with your target market.

Certified Translation for Corporate Clients

Whether you require corporate translation services or certified translation services for your business-related documents, our team is well-equipped to handle projects of any size or complexity. We draw upon our extensive experience and industry-specific knowledge to deliver document translation services

legal translation dubai

Arabic translation service

Our expert team of Arabic translators Dubai has the sufficient knowledge, expertise and linguistic potentials required to deliver added-value and accurate translation of all projects and successfully transfer your message. We have more than 50 professional native Arabic translators who can deliver large-volume projects in short time frames.

Native Arabic Translators Ensuring Accuracy

Thanks to our in-house team of native Arabic translators in Dubai, we are able to provide our clients with quality Arabic translation in Dubai with the highest, accuracy, speed, and cost-effectiveness as per the local and international standards applicable in the translation industry. We collaborate closely to ensure your intended message is accurately transmitted, transcending language obstacles. Our translations maintain the source language’s authenticity and the target language’s significance.

Tailored Solutions for Various Industries

Our Arabic translation company UAE takes immense pride in furnishing dependable, competitively-priced, and swift Arabic translation services to accommodate projects of any size or complexity, whether routine or intricate, technical or scientific. We offer industry-specific translation services to cater to the unique needs of various sectors, ensuring a tailored approach for each client.

Challenges in Arabic Translation

Navigating the complexities of Arabic translation can be a daunting task, but our team at Aburuf Legal Translation Services is well-equipped to confront these challenges head-on. From ensuring natural Arabic text flow to addressing the nuances between formal vs. colloquial Arabic, we are committed to delivering high-quality translations that capture the essence of the original content.

Achieving Natural Arabic Text Flow

One of the primary hurdles in Arabic translation is maintaining a smooth and natural flow of the text. This often requires a deep understanding of the source material’s intent and a keen awareness of the target audience’s linguistic preferences. Our skilled translators work diligently to strike the right balance, crafting Arabic translations that read effortlessly and convey the intended message with precision.

Formal vs. Colloquial Arabic

The Arabic language is characterized by a distinct divide between formal and colloquial usage. While formal arabic is employed in official settings and academic discourse, colloquial arabic is the language of everyday interactions and informal contexts. Navigating this dichotomy is crucial, as failing to do so can result in content that appears awkward or even incomprehensible to the intended audience.

Diversity of Arabic Dialects

Further compounding the challenges in arabic dialects translation is the vast diversity of Arabic dialects across the Middle East and North Africa. From the Maghrebi dialects of the Maghreb to the Gulf dialects of the Arabian Peninsula, each regional variant can exhibit significant differences, rendering them at times mutually unintelligible. Our translators are adept at navigating this linguistic landscape, ensuring that the final translation resonates with the target audience, regardless of their specific dialect.

At Aburuf Legal Translation Services, we are committed to addressing these challenges head-on, providing our clients with seamless and culturally-aligned Arabic translations that exceed their expectations. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you in your linguistic endeavors.

Arabic text flow

Our Quality Promise

Whether it’s business-related documents, emails, or even requests for medical or financial aid, our team of skilled native UAE Arabic translators stands ready to offer you certified translation dubai that is precise and punctual. We collaborate closely to ensure your intended message is accurately transmitted, transcending language obstacles. Our translations maintain the source language’s authenticity and the target language’s significance. Our Arabic translation company UAE takes immense pride in furnishing dependable, competitively-priced, and swift accredited Arabic translation services to accommodate projects of any size or complexity, whether routine or intricate, technical or scientific.

Certified and Accredited Translations

Our expert linguists are extensively knowledgeable in their respective domains and proficient in various Arabic dialects and culturally-aligned translation intricacies. They also possess substantial experience in handling Modern Standard Arabic. Our team specializing in desktop publishing guarantees content in an accurate right-to-left layout suitable for audiences fluent in Arabic.

Culturally-Aligned and Context-Sensitive

At Aburuf, we understand the importance of context-sensitive translation in ensuring the authenticity and cultural relevance of our work. Our translators meticulously consider the cultural nuances and contextual factors to deliver translations that seamlessly integrate with the target audience’s expectations and preferences.

Arabic Language: Intricacies and Complexities

Comprising 28 letters, the Arabic script follows a right-to-left writing direction, a distinctive feature that sets it apart from many Western languages. Remarkably, the Arabic vocabulary encompasses over 14 words denoting “love,” each term capturing a specific form or phase of this profound emotion. Boasting a rich history spanning more than 1,500 years, the Arabic language is believed to have originated from the Arabian Peninsula during the first century.

Cursive Script and Right-to-Left Writing Direction

In the Arabic language, capital letters are absent due to the employment of a cursive script. Instead, the form of letters subtly transforms based on their position within a word, lending a unique flow and fluidity to the written text. This right-to-left writing direction sets the Arabic script apart, requiring specialized formatting and layout considerations.

Rich Vocabulary and Extensive History

As a Semitic language, Arabic is situated within the Afro-Asiatic language family, boasting a rich and diverse vocabulary. The language’s extensive history has given rise to a remarkable array of words, with over 14 distinct terms used to convey the nuances of “love” alone. This linguistic depth and complexity underscores the intricacies inherent in the Arabic language.

arabic script

Arabic Translation for Diverse Needs

At Aburuf, our expertise extends far beyond the realm of general language translation. As a prominent company specializing in UAE Arabic translation, we possess extensive industry experience across nearly all Arabic-speaking markets. This comprehensive industry insight, combined with our exceptional linguistic proficiency, empowers us to provide professional UAE Arabic language translation for various purposes.

Legal Translation

With an extensive understanding of the legal domain, we furnish high-quality legal translation UAE services that cater comprehensively to all your requirements. Whether it’s contracts, legal documents, or any other crucial materials, our team of skilled legal Arabic translators ensures that your content is accurately and precisely conveyed, upholding the integrity of the source text.

Technical Translation

Recognizing the paramount importance of precision in technical translation, we entrust these projects to our most proficient UAE Arabic translators, who possess expertise in specific industrial sectors. From engineering manuals to software documentation, our technical translation services guarantee that your specialized content is conveyed with the utmost accuracy and clarity.

Website Translation

At Aburuf, we convert your website’s content into Arabic, carefully considering cultural nuances and the specific preferences of the Arabic-speaking audience. Our website translation services ensure that your digital presence resonates with your target market, facilitating seamless communication and enhancing your online visibility.

Medical Translation

Our array of medical translation services are handled by our accomplished medical professionals specializing in various medical disciplines. Whether you need to translate patient records, medical research papers, or pharmaceutical materials, we guarantee the highest level of accuracy and confidentiality, adhering to industry standards.

Our Comprehensive Language Solutions

Aburuf offers an array of comprehensive language solutions to cater to diverse needs, including Arabic transcreation and Arabic copywriting, Arabic editing and Arabic proofreading, and Arabic transcription and Arabic subtitling services.

Transcreation and Copywriting

In transcreation, a dual proficiency in translation and creativity is imperative. Aburuf collaborates closely with you to comprehend your fundamental message and rearticulate it in Arabic. Our skilled transcreators possess the expertise to adapt your content while preserving its original intent and cultural nuances, ensuring a seamless and impactful presentation for your Arabic-speaking audience.

Editing, Proofreading, and Quality Assurance

Editing serves to enhance the accuracy of the translation for its intended purpose. Following this, proofreading conducts the final quality assurance, ensuring impeccable readability of the document before delivery. Our team of editors and proofreaders meticulously review your Arabic translations, addressing any linguistic or stylistic discrepancies to deliver flawless, high-quality content.

Transcription and Subtitling Services

Aburuf offers an entirely human-based Arabic transcription service. Whether your recording is in Egyptian, Levantine, Gulf Arabic, or any other dialect, our transcriptionists are familiar with the dialect and can meticulously handle your file. Our video Arabic subtitling solutions adhere to stringent standards, encompassing diverse video content, spanning documentaries, interviews, tutorials, advertisements, seminars, webinars, and more.

arabic transcreation

Why Choose Us for Arabic Translation?

As the best certified Arabic translation company in the UAE, we provide professional solutions that combine rapidity, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness with an assurance of faithfully conveying the source document. Our online translation services rely entirely on the expertise of human native arabic translators who are fluent in the language and possess deep cultural understanding.

Industry-Specific Knowledge

Our translators are highly proficient in their respective domains and sectors, ensuring industry expertise translation and precision. Whether you require legal, technical, medical, or website translation, our team’s specialized knowledge guarantees accurate and contextually appropriate results.

Rapid Turnaround Times

Furthermore, our streamlined processes and dedicated team enable us to deliver fast Arabic translation services, meeting your deadlines without compromising quality. Trust Aburuf Legal Translation Services to be your reliable partner in unlocking new opportunities through expertly crafted Arabic translations.


As a leading Arabic translation company in the UAE, Aburuf is committed to delivering exceptional linguistic services that empower our clients to transcend language barriers and reach their targeted audiences effectively. Whether you require legal, technical, medical, or website translation, our team of native Arabic translators ensures accuracy, cultural alignment, and contextual sensitivity in all our work.

Leveraging our extensive industry expertise and streamlined processes, we provide rapid turnaround times without sacrificing quality. Trust Aburuf to be your reliable partner in unlocking new opportunities through expertly crafted Arabic translations. At Aburuf Legal Translation Services, we take pride in our unwavering dedication to delivering personalized solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations.

With a deep understanding of the UAE market and the nuances of the Arabic language, we are poised to be your trusted partner in all your translation and localization needs. Embark on your journey to global success with Aburuf as your guide, and let us unlock the full potential of your business through the power of effective communication.


What services do you provide for Arabic translation in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

We offer a comprehensive suite of Arabic translation services, including legal document translation, attestation, multilingual website localization, and certified translation for corporate clients across various sectors such as law firms, manufacturing, healthcare, and marketing agencies.

Why is Arabic translation important in Dubai?

Arabic is the official language of the UAE, and Dubai is a hub for international business and tourism. Accurate Arabic translation is crucial for businesses to communicate effectively with clients and partners, as well as for visitors to understand signs, menus, and other important information.

What makes your Arabic translation services unique?

Our team of native Arabic translators possesses deep industry expertise and cultural understanding, ensuring accurate, context-sensitive, and culturally-aligned translations. We also pride ourselves on our rapid turnaround times without compromising quality.

How do you ensure the quality of your Arabic translations?

We employ a rigorous quality assurance process that includes editing, proofreading, and adherence to industry standards and certifications. Our translators are highly proficient in their respective domains, guaranteeing precision and accuracy in all our work.

What are the key challenges in Arabic translation, and how do you overcome them?

Ensuring natural text flow, navigating the differences between formal and colloquial Arabic, and accounting for the diversity of Arabic dialects are some of the key challenges. Our team’s deep linguistic expertise and cultural understanding enable us to overcome these obstacles and deliver high-quality translations.

What makes your Arabic translation company stand out in the UAE?

Aburuf is a leading Arabic translation provider in the UAE, with extensive industry experience and a commitment to delivering exceptional linguistic services. Our native Arabic translators, streamlined processes, and customer-centric approach make us the preferred choice for organizations and individuals seeking reliable and professional Arabic translation solutions.

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