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Arabic Translation Services

Aburuf consistently provides reliable, fast and accurate Arabic translation Services in UAE. Also, our Arabic translators are duly certified by the Ministry of Justice, United Arab Emirates. In addition, Aburuf professional Arabic translators have dozens of years of experience in Arabic translation.

All official government business is conducted in the Arabic language as are all legal documents, thus based on that, we are specialists in Arabic to English Translation and Vice Versa, Arabic to French Translation and Vice Versa and Arabic to Russian Translation and Vice Versa.

About Arabic Language in UAE

Arabic language is the historical language and official language of the UAE.Furthermore, this is the language of the Emirati, the sacred language of Islam, so the official language of the UAE. Moreover, all street signs are in Arabic subtitled by English, and most media in UAE are in Arabic. 

In addition, people in the UAE speak the gulf dialect of Arabic, which can vary tremendously from, say, the Arabic spoken in Sudan, Morocco or Egypt.  Most public displays and street signs are in Arabic. Nevertheless, it is crucial to know that, although the Arabic language is the native tongue of the UAE, only one out of every six persons in the country are actually Emeriti. That is why, many public displays, government business, and official documents, also feature prominent translations. For this reason, Arabic is often times accompanied with English translations

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