Why Choosing Aburuf

Why Choosing Aburuf ?

Your work, documents, company or whatever it is you value is also important to us, which is why we have a devoted team to suit your translation, typing & documentation and PRO services needs.

Amazing Services yet Affordable Prices

We understand that our clients want the best job at reasonable prices with no surprises. Particularly, for this reason, Aburuf stands away from its competitors. Beside that, we’ll never ‘quote you low’ and then increase your invoice by adding “surprising” extras. Therefore, we assure you that you’ll get competitive prices including a full breakdown of costs. So, you can see exactly what you are getting for your money.

Guarantee of Quality

We are dedicated to offer you the highest quality. We stand by every translation, typing & documentation service and PRO service. Most importantly, deliver it to you with an 100% quality guarantee. In the event you’re not pleased, we will work side by side with you and your team to amend each translation, typing & documentation service and PRO service until it meets with your satisfaction.. This is our commitment to you as Aburuf Legal Translation Services.

We Hire the Best

Aburuf Legal Translation Services employs a team of in-house translators, Typists, PRO agents and the other personal that work full time for us. The reason behind this is We don’t want to have to depend on unpredictable freelancers who cannot be held accountable for their work. We can also control the quality of our product and our completion time much more surety.. We set very rigorous standards throughout the recruitment, selection and induction processes. Only candidates of the highest quality are employed. The hiring process includes a test translation, communication skills. Moreover, we make sure that all the areas of expertise are covered.

Established and Appreciated Reputation

Since 1999, Aburuf Services has delivered high-quality service to leading organizations, companies and institutions. Which include Dubai Islamic Bank, ETA Group, and Nakheel; many global hotels and resort chains; government agencies; and more. Visit our Client page to find more about what our satisfied customers are saying about us.


We got you covered!  Be rest assured that all documents, information, and data will be kept under our strict confidentiality guidelines. Upholding this level of service means that Aburuf have many customers who trust us with their work. Therefore come back to us time after time.

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