Technical Translation in Dubai

Technical Translation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Technical translation in Dubai 2024

Technical Translation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

In this article, we will discuss in depth the technical translation in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The world is inhabited by people who speak a wide variety of languages to communicate with one another, many different nations use different languages. Sometimes within the same languages, we may hear terms we are acquainted with yet struggle to entirely grasp because of the technical language used. As a result, technical translation has taken on a significant position in contemporary culture. A high degree of knowledge and attention to detail are required for the specialist field of technical translation.

What is technical translation?

Technical translation refers to the translations of the subjects that are concerned with science and technical subjects. Scientific subjects like chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, and computer etc. are translated into different languages. These scientific subjects originally were composed primarily in English, but the dilemma is that the whole world doesn’t know English very well. Hence to understand these concepts we have to translate these subjects into our mother tongue.  Arabic is primarily the mother tongue in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and science subjects are translated into Arabic. Translation makes the subjects easy and comprehendible to common masses of the locale.

Whereas technical translation evolves around the subjects like mechanics, technical, civil and painting diplomas etc.  These subjects are taught and understood in every part of the world. So their translation is also very much needed to inculcate the true soul of these subjects to the mass audience.

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Importance of Technical translation in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

The significance of technical translation is enormous. Translation helps people to simply understand the various concepts and notions in their mother language.  Hence, they continue to serve society and continue to earn their livelihood in a befitting and easy manner.

Emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, being global hubs, have so many foreigner’s experts to work in different industries. But these foreigners are not always expert of other languages so simple subject matter should be explained to them in simple language.

Essential requirements for a technical translator in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

Multilingual Background

A technical translator must be well versed in the original language of the subject and in the target language. The word original language may here mean the English language or Arabic language whereas the target language is the desired language in which one must translate the subject matter of original language. So, a technical translator must have the trait of being multilingual and he should know at least two desired languages if not more. His diction should be rich. He should have a plethora of words to express anything that is presented to him.  A multilingual person must have a good syntactical understanding of both languages. He should be well aware of maxims, slang and different variations of both languages. He should be aware of the usage of appropriate words for appropriate situations accordingly.  He must know the context of the subjects matter very well and thus should translate it accordingly.

Multi-fields Knowledge and information

For a technical translator to excel proficiently in Dubai and Abu Dhabi one must dexterously possess sufficient knowledge and information about every segment of their work. He should have vast reservoirs of knowledge about his field and should continue to learn more and more about his field of study.

Competence in business and practical translation

A technical translator in Dubai and Abu Dhabi can’t survive without gaining complete competence in the practical usage of translation.  We know that such translations are different from literal translations. So, the translator be aware of these minor differences.

Background of translator in relevant field

If the translator has spent appropriate time in that field, then his translation will only get significantly better. Because then the translator is truly aware of the context of his translation. Translation as we know is a tough job and it requires a lot of toil and trouble to do it magnificently. Suppose if we have to translate something from the field of medicine then the doctor can be the best person to translate the subject in befitting manner.

The steps of technical translation in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

When we must translate any subject, we follow certain steps and process to complete the translation. The very first step in technical translation is analysis.

Analysis of the subject matter being translated.

First of all, when the technical translators are given any topic then at first, they analyse it laboriously. They see the context of the subject. Because in translation studies context is very important and they must be kept in close view to determine the exact translation of the subject given. The translators determine the tone, slang or type of register used in the subject.

Core understanding

Core understanding is very much contextual and derives its root from the locale of the given object. The subject should be comprehended in its true spirit. This will make the translation easy and appropriate.


Then comes the target stage for which the whole process is evolved and that is of translation. If the first or original text is literal, then the translation should also be literal and bombastic but if the original text is nonliteral then it must be ensured that the translation should be non-literal too.

Translation should have almost as many words as original text possesses. It should not be the case otherwise.  Translation should be simple and in plain language so thus it should be widely understood and comprehendible. Such translations will have larger mass appeal and attraction.

Review of Technical translation

Review or revision of technical translation is mandatory and vital. By reviewing we know how much effective translation we have crafted or created. When we review, we analyses our mistakes and blunders and then we remove them and make our translation error free and crispy.

This is the last step in technical translation in Dubai and Abu Dhabi or anywhere in the world.  After this one’s translation is bound to be public, and it must be error free.  If any mistake is found it should be removed immediately.

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How Technical translations are different from legal or Literary translations.

Technical translation is different from other types of translation. Technical translators should be experts of this art. But as this field craves for utmost dexterity so such persons are rare to find who can translate technical and legal texts in befitting manner.

Technical translation is very much different to literary or legal translation.  Legal translations evolve bombastic words and phrases to over emphasis their effects but on the contrary technical and legal translations are very much objective to their purpose. Technical translations are to the point and precise. Such translation lacks the usage of ornamental words and phrases.

Furthermore, Technical translation discourse is vastly different from that of literal discourse. Literal discourse possesses in abundance the usage of similes and metaphors whereas technical or legal discourse is devoid of such ornaments.

Legal Translation in dubai

Technical language is always direct, plain, and simple in terms of rules and regulations. It is chained in syntactical order.  No deviations of surface meaning are possible in technical and legal translation.

A legal or technical translation requires supreme craft and dexterity. Its language is meticulous. It should be easily understandable for the masses on a large scale. Because rules and regulations are for all. No one is above the law. Law should be explained in simple and plain words. Because as we know ambiguous laws are very tough to understand and implement.

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