The Future of Machine Translation in Dubai

Machine translation Future in Dubai

The Future of Machine Translation in Dubai

We are living in a very fast era now. Many sectors are searching for new methods to evolve and avoid FOMO. There aren’t any exceptions inside the translation sector. As a result, let’s take a brief look at machine translation and what that could mean for the future of translation in Dubai.

Machine translation, whilst a long way from perfect and mature, can appreciably enhance the tempo and performance of translators’ tasks enormously. Especially nowadays, people pay great attention to quality and the time required to accomplish the job.

What Is Machine Translation?

Let’s begin with the basics. When a computer, in place of a human, translates a text from one language to another, it’s referred to as machine translation. A great example is Google Translate.

Increasing Use of Machine Translation in the region (MENA)

There is a significant increased trend of using machine translation worldwide, especially in Dubai. As time goes by, the way translation engines employ devices like smartphones, cameras, laptops, and gaming computers will become more appealing to all people.

Using of artificial intelligence has helped a lot with machine translation and added momentum, which results in a variety of ways, as translator now work smarter not harder. In addition, device translation is expected to become more integrated into more platforms.

As device translation becomes more convenient, you can see it everywhere. According to the latest research from Industry Research, the worldwide machine translation industry is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 19% through 2022.

Even though there are not enough studies have been done in the UAE local markets, it’s fair to say the machine translation demand has increased enormously and this growth is expected to continue during the next decade. As we see now, more companies have adopted machine translation and set a huge budget to invest in this promising sector.

Machine translation in dubai
Machine translation in Dubai

Increased collaboration between humans and machine translation

As I mentioned early, machine translation isn’t perfect nor 100% correct. However, when blended with human expertise, it may offer quicker and more accurate results. Using machine translation can enhance the general translation process quite a lot. As a result, it may benefit each translator and their clients, as translators might be capable of completing the assigned task quicker and getting ready for an extra assignment, which would result in increased income for the translators. whereas clients will make the most of the cheaper translation fees.

Translators who use the appropriate machine translation structures can advance their careers as well. As we all see, experience in machine translation is one of the most demanded jobs in the UAE.

Check search engines to see the increased demand for machine translation jobs in the region, particularly in the UAE.

New companies with innovative technologies are on the rise

As the marketplace for machine translation increases in popularity, new companies will unavoidably be taking over the marketplace. Many start-ups are emerging in the market with very innovative technologies and are threatening the thrones of the old giants’ players in the machine translation industry.

Just as neural networks and device learning have improved device translation accuracy; rising generation will make it easier for new companies to enter the machine translation field.

AI - Machine translation in dubai
AI Translation in Dubai

Machine Translation Intelligence Is Getting Smarter

As per CSA Research. The Machine translation AI are leaps and bounds ahead and will continue this steady rise. People have become extra aware of metadata and context. What’s the result? The quality of translations is unbelievable if you compare it to just 5 years ago

Should we trust machine translation for all our documents?

The short answer is no. Machine translations are way more correct now than they had been previously. Human translators, in contrast, can provide nuance and delicacy that machines cannot. This isn’t always a problem for a few documents. Machine translation will no longer be sufficient for others. It completely depends on who may be analyzing the textual content and what it is going to be used for.

Final Thoughts and conclusion

The way machine translation works will evolve so much in the near future. Translation engines will make it viable for the world to carry it out effectively. We expect the machine translation field will be much more mature in a few years, especially in the UAE, as more and more companies try to implement localization and machine translation to be able to communicate well with the local markets. We have a very optimistic view on machine translation, and only the future will answer all our questions.

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