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Technical translation in dubai

Technical Translation Dubai

Technical translation is called “industrial translation” and translates instruction manuals and operation manuals for industrial products.

We translate a wide range of technical fields, from everyday items such as household electrical products, automobiles, computers, and software, to machine tools used at manufacturing sites, facility security, and lighting systems.

What is technical translation?

Technical translation is requested by companies, government agencies, and various organizations. It covers all business documents; technology, IT, pharmaceuticals, patents, finance, legal affairs, etc.

Demand for industrial translation is high, accounting for nearly 90% of all translations.

Among industrial translations, technical translation deals with documents attached to products such as machines, IT, and pharmaceuticals related to various specialized technologies. The purpose is to translate the contents of technical documents into sentences that are easy for the reader to understand.

Technical translation fields include electricity, machinery, IT, architecture, energy, medicine, chemistry, and biology.

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Examples of products include:

• Machines: power shovels, press machines for metal processing, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and so on.

• IT: PC, peripherals, software, and so on.

• Medicine: Medical equipment such as over-the-counter medications, X-ray machines, surgical support robots, and so on.

• Chemistry — Chemical fertilizers, processed plastics, cosmetics, and so on.

What technical translators do?

We handle technical documents and electronic data related to products subject to technical translation.

Examples of documents include:

• Instruction manual, installation manual, and specifications for the equipment

• User manual, software operation manual

• Catalogue of products

• Corporate and hospital brochures, as well as websites

• Material Safety Data Sheet, Report on Analysis Results

Why choose ABURUF Legal Translation Service?

We at ABURUF take tremendous pride in our in-house translators, who have a proven technical translation record. They translate technical content into accurate and easy-to-understand languages.

We are a Dubai-based company that provides the best services in technical translation.

1 Exceptional language skills

The first condition as a technical translator is to have advanced reading comprehension and descriptive skills that can accurately read and write the ability of a foreign language, which is the target language of translation, as well as the native language.

2 Expertise and experience in Technical translation

To accurately translate the content of a technical document into another language, you need to have a level of understanding that the translator can explain the product to be translated.

For example, suppose the target of translation is a device. In that case, it will not be possible to translate accurately unless you have enough knowledge and experience to have an idea of how to operate by yourself.

Many technical documents describe conditions for protecting users’ safety, such as precautions and warnings, and technical translators must have knowledge of and work experience in the relevant field.

3 Ability to conduct extensive research

As mentioned above, for translators to understand the content and do accurate technical translations, they must conduct a thorough investigation to collect information and provide convincing support.

It won’t be easy to collect reliable information on your own and to be able to judge it as reliable from various perspectives without gaining appropriate experience.

It is a desirable requirement to conduct a survey, report it, gain social experience in which the results are evaluated, and acquire research and judgment skills.

It can be said that the aptitude for technical translation is suitable for those who act immediately to find out what they are interested in and those who pursue it to the end and aim for perfection.

4: Inquisitive and adaptable

Science and technology are advancing daily, and it is difficult to translate the latest technology only with past knowledge and experience.

It is necessary to be sensitive to new things and words related to science and technology, be curious and always be able to continue studying.

In addition, digitalization is rapidly advancing in all of our businesses today. You also need to understand new systems and tools related to the products that are the subject of technical translation. If it is related to the efficiency of translation work, it is also required to have IT responsiveness that can be taken in and used by oneself.

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What is the future of technical translation in Dubai?

Technical translation in Dubai took giant leaps. With regards to the development of IoT (internet of things) and AI (artificial intelligence), and the utilization of IT technology in all technical fields, the need for technical translation is expected to increase.

We can anticipate consistent demand for technical translators who can constantly update their knowledge in their specialized fields, keep up with IT trends, and respond to them flexibly.

On the other hand, no matter how good your expertise is, if you continue to be analog-oriented and are unfamiliar with cloud tools, there is a possibility that the range of technical translation jobs that can be ordered in the future will be narrowed.

In recent years, AI-based machine translation has improved accuracy and is evolving rapidly. Some people are worried about the future of technical translators. Still, it is an imaginative insight to read what people are trying to say, as described in “Ability required of Technical Translators,” and to compose sentences that people can understand. Since it requires power and imagination, it can be said that it is a task that only humans can do at present.

However, there are some tasks that machine translation is good at, and people who can improve their skills while utilizing AI will be responsible for future technical translation.

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